The Center for Responsible Shale Development is a non-profit organization  whose vision is to bring together environmental and gas industry leaders committed to driving continuous innovation and improvement of shale development practices within the Appalachian Basin.

Protection of the environment and the people and communities affected by the shale gas industry is at the heart of every activity undertaken by the organization. We look forward to a time when individuals and communities will have confidence that when natural gas development takes place, it meets the highest standards of environmental protection and responsibility.


crsd-web-icon-23Through advancing environmental excellence where shale gas development occurs, we can improve the net social benefit of energy.

crsd-web-icon-12The best interests of society are advanced by collaboration and leadership among interested parties representing diverse points of view.


Industry demonstrates leadership by practicing the highest level of environmental performance; environmental and community organizations demonstrate leadership by insisting on it.

crsd-web-icon-13Aggressive standards and demonstration of their results will raise performance expectations throughout the industry and society.

crsd-web-icon-10Independent, third-party certification programs for responsible operators allow shale gas developers the opportunity to earn public trust and support, and to differentiate themselves by their superior environmental attributes.