Performance Standards


Working with environmental and energy leaders, CRSD has created 15 forward thinking, high performance standards focused on Air, Climate, Water, and Waste — standards that often exceed state and federal requirements. When companies meet these standards, communities are healthier, the environment is cleaner, and families are safer. We call that a Win/Win.

Surface & Ground Water Performance Standards focus on the following key areas:

  • Maximizing Water Recycling
  • Development of Groundwater Protection Plan
  • Closed Loop Drilling
  • Well Casing Design
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Wastewater Disposal
  • Impoundment Integrity
  • Chemical Disclosure

Air & Climate Performance Standards focus on the following key areas:

  • Limitations on Flaring
  • Use of Green Completions
  • Reduced Engine Emissions
  • Emissions Controls on Storage Tanks

The CRSD Performance Standards were developed to drive leading industry practices and to set a bar that goes above and beyond the regulatory requirements established by Appalachian states (specifically Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia) and the federal government.  The goal is to ensure that every performance standard, on the whole, requires a level of environmental performance that exceeds the regulatory minimums established by the states and the federal government. We believe that by setting this high bar, CRSD serves as a complement to strong regulatory frameworks and can help inform ongoing efforts to ensure environmental protection.

Just as operator field performance and regulatory frameworks must undergo a process of continuous improvement, so will the CRSD performance standards.  With input from operators, regulators, CRSD auditors, environmental groups and other stakeholders, the CRSD Standards Committee regularly reviews the performance standards – adding new standards over time, and updating the existing standards to ensure they continue to drive leading practices.